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Basic price comparison between Generic Medicines and branded medicine

Basic price comparison between Generic Medicines and branded medicine

, generic medicines cost up to 85% less than their branded equivalent. The reason for the lower price of a drug is the fact that the generic drug manufacturers don’t need to perform costly clinical trials which branded drug manufacturers need to perform to get approval from FDA. Also, generic manufacturers don’t pay big bucks for branding and promoting the product.

With the fact that brand name drugs are under patent for 20 years, they lose their exclusivity after that. Thereafter many manufacturers compete for bringing generic medicine of that molecule into the market.

Here let’s get an idea about the price difference between branded and generic medicines. Get up to date about the generic price of your basic medicine intake.

P.S: Medicine prices vary widely from one pharmacy to another. This list can be useful for comparing prices from different pharmacies to help you find lower prices for your medications.

Let’s first know the generic price of all basic home care needs and health supplements.

With the fast life, pain killers, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic drugs are getting an essential part of our life. Here is what you can save in your pocket by switching to its generic version.

Let’s have a quick look at blood pressure and anti-diabetic medicine.

With the increase in sedentary lifestyle, cholesterol level is also increasing. Here is how we can cut off our cholesterols at very nominal charges.


Other than this we have a wide range of generics which includes medicine for kidney, neuropathic pain, thyroid, migraine, anxiety, epilepsy, cardio-vascular, arrhythmia, gastro-intestinal, respiratory system, skin diseases etc. where you can get up to 85% discount.

On prescribed medicines and insulins, we give a 16% discount and offer up to 50% discount on surgical products like walker, adult diaper, heating pad, knee cap, walking stick, bedpan, crepe bandage, cotton roll, micropore, transpore tape, gauze swab etc.

You get a flat 10% discount on ayurvedic products and 5% discount on cosmetics.

To know about your generic medicine, WhatsApp your prescription on 8401500280 or send your prescription by clicking this link

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