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Generic Medicine vs Branded Medicine: All you need to know about

Generic Medicine vs Branded Medicine: All you need to know about

Life is full of choices. Pizza or pasta? Paper or plastic? Reading a book or binge-watching web-series. 

Even medicines come with choices. When you go to the pharmacy you might be asked often if you would like to buy branded medicine or its alternate generic one. So, here’s what you must know about them.

1. What is a generic drug?

A generic drug has the same active ingredient as brand name drugs. Brand name drugs have their patent (special license) which protect them from competition to duplicate by any other manufacturers and help the company recover its research and development cost.

When the patent expires, other manufacturer can seek approval for a generic drug. However, the color, shape and inactive ingredients may vary.

As per US FDA, a generic drug works in the same way and have the same clinical benefit as its branded version.

2. What are the best examples to indicate generic and branded medicine?

E.g., Paracetamol is a generic drug for fever and pain, but its brand name is Crocin. Similarly, amlodipine is a generic drug for hypertension but its brand name is Amlodac.

These drugs are known by different names in different countries. However generic remain constant.

3. What makes the generic drug less costly?

Generic drug makers don’t have the expense of costly development, research, marketing and advertising. These savings are directly passed on to the public. Also, after the patent expires, several companies compete for its generic version of the drug, further driving down the prices.

This cost can be lesser between 20-80%.

4. Are generic drugs equally safe?

Yes. Generic drugs gaining approval from FDA also undergo quality testing. They meet the same safety requirement as branded medicine. FDA continuously monitors the safety and side effects of medication, if caused any, thus assuring customers safety and health.

5. How do I know if there is a generic available for my medication?

The best way to know about the generic drug of your medication is to talk to your pharmacist. You can also search for a substitute in FDA’s ORANGE BOOK with the active ingredient or brand name of your medicine.

If you are reading this blog, you can also revert by attaching your prescription and we will help you with the right generic substitution choice.

Ultimately, there is no clear winner between a brand or generic medicine. Choose what is best for you. Because everyone is different, the choice can vary from person to person. Luckily your family physician and your pharmacist can help you find what works best for you. Visit our store and let our pharmacist offer the best to you. Contact us on WhatsApp 8401500280 or visit us on

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