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Say Yes to Generic Medicines

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Generic Medicines

Since years and years, it has been in practice to follow doctor’s prescription. Hence, we all are used to think BRANDED MEDICINES as the only form of medicine. However, off late, people have started to realise importance of GENERIC MEDICINES as well. Generic medicines are up to 85 % cheaper than branded medicines. Generic drugs help a great deal in saving medicine bills. It is for sure, that about two-third of medicine cost can get reduced if one buy generic over branded ones.

Let us understand how generic medicines are differ from branded ones. Every medicine in this world has two name – generic and brand. There are number of companies that manufacture medicines and get them protected by patents. Hence, they are known as branded medicines. The patent prohibits any other pharmaceutical company to manufacture, market or to earn profit of the medicine of that same drug. So once the patent expires other companies can manufacture medicine with the same active ingredient but with different name. This is what we call as generic medicine.

Over all, generic medicines are different from branded medicines in terms of – cost, size, colour, inactive ingredient but are the same when we talk about active ingredients, potency & its effect to patients

Now let’s understand FDA’s role in Generic medicines vs Branded medicines.

FDA ask every drug company to demonstrate effectiveness of branded medicine and generic medicine. Thereby, generic medicine must be able to have the same clinical benefits as compared to generic medicine. Then only generic medicine get approval in market.

Some of the critical similarities which generic and brand medicines must possess:

  • The active ingredient of both must be the same.
  • Generic medicines must be manufactured with the same standards as compared with branded medicines.
  • Generic medicines must have the same strength, indications, form and route of administration.

Why generic medicines from Capsule - The Generic Pharmacy

Capsule Pharmacy is the leading chain for generic medicines in India which provides branded as well as generic medicines. In case if you are looking for generic medical store near to you who provides up to 85% Discounts, then nothing can beat us with our wide range of medicines available under-

  • Baby care
  • Elderly care
  • Protein supplements
  • Home healthcare
  • Vitamins and nutrition

Capsule Pharmacy provides generic medicines from FDA and GMP certified companies.

Below is the range of generic medicine companies we offer:

standard generic medicines company


We, at Capsule Pharmacy, offer fastest & free home delivery of medicines and courier service across India. We have a record of happy customers who are benefitted with generic medicines.

We ensure flexible payment method and offer easy return of 30 days. 

Switch to Capsule- The Generic Pharmacy and save your pocket from getting empty in medicines.

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